You can be, have, and create exactly what you want in your life STARTING NOW.

If you doubt this, if you’re feeling stuck, if you don’t know how to achieve your deepest goals, then read on…

So here’s the thing, if you believe that you can’t be who you truly want to be or have what you truly desire right now, it is probably because you think that being this “new reality” is beyond yourself. But this is simply false.

The simple truth is that who you want to be, what you want to have, and all you wish to achieve is truly and passionately already within you.

Overall my work is based on the knowing with absolute certainty that all you want to be and have is already inside you as potential, you just have to know how to connect with it and decide to live it—to make conscious contact with your true potential and allow your health and success to emerge naturally.

More specifically my work is about helping you, empowering you to create anything you desire in your life—that could be healing, weight loss, eliminating stress, sleeping better, finding your purpose in life, transforming your body, mind, emotions, spirit, relationships, ultimately helping you to create success in your interactions, business, money, and life.

I have worked with thousands of people who were dealing with countless different issues, but they all fell into what I call the Five Factors: Body—Mind—Spirit—Emotions—Relationships. When these Five Factors are in harmony and flowing with energy, your true potential is no longer burdened, and all things are possible.

Even for people who I have helped specifically achieve greater success in their profession and with finances, their core breakthrough always links back to one or more of the Five Factors.

To truly breakthrough any barrier and achieve lasting results in your life, I can help set you on the path of understanding, health, and wellness that is unique to you.


Find out how I can help you today!

“Ben’s meditation system has given me true healing. I have lost over 25 pounds, am no longer at risk for early onset diabetes, and I’m no longer depressed or fearful—I am truly happy and confident about my life!” -Donna

“If someone would have told me that I would be meditating and that it would improve my life, I would have said they were crazy! But now, I’m not only more confident, I’m healthier, stronger, I have no more pain in my belly, and I’m happier. I know that I can achieve my life goals now. What I learned from Dr. Koen has changed my life.” -Tracey

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Koen_FullHi, I’m Ben and I’m here to serve you. I focus all my energy, skills, talents, and expertise to help you breakthrough the blocks that are holding you back from living your full potential and the life of your dreams.

Once the blocks are gone, I help you and support you with my proven system of empowered results, focused planning, and daily systematic action to bring your vision into full manifestation.

Claim your life breakthrough today! There's no need to wait any longer. Discover how I can help you get set on your genuine path to health, well being, and success now!

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Ben’s recent book

3D_transparent_crop5 Steps to a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy You! through Music, the Mind, and Meditation is for everyone interested in being happy, healthy and wealthy! In the book, Ben provides a new way of understanding and harnessing the power of music and meditation in your life, as well as clear and effective ways for you to make conscious contact with your inner being or higher nature. Hundreds of people have successfully used the material in this book to improve and even totally transform themselves in the areas of the body, mind, spirit, emotions, relationships, and wealth. See how Ben’s five steps can benefit you!


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